France provides 300,000 euros in budgetary aid to Guinea Bissau

15 June 2007

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 14 June – France Thursday offered the Guinea Bissau government 300,000 euros in budgetary aid and called on the international community to help the African country.

The convention for exceptional budgetary aid was signed by Guinea Bissau’s Finance Minister, Issuf Sanhá, and by France’s ambassador in Bissau, Jean François Parot, who said that the gesture was the fulfilment of the pledges made by Paris at the round table meeting between the Guinean government and its donors, held in November 2006 in Switzerland.

This is the third time since December 2006 that the French embassy has granted financial aid to the Guinean authorities.

The amounts in question, of 500,000 euros, 400,000 euros and now 300,000 euros, have been used to pay salaries owed to public workers. (macauhub)