Heavy mineral products from Moma, Mozambique to start being exported in July

20 June 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 20 June – Exports of products derived from heavy minerals mining at Moma, in Mozambique’s Nampula province, are due to being in the first half of July, the deputy director general of Kenmare Moma Mining, Keith Prentice said recently.

According to newspaper Notícias, Prentice said that the total launch of the entire project was set for the end of July, in which the Mozambican subsidiary of Ireland’s Kenmare Resources invested around US$460 million.

“At the beginning of July we hope to receive the same ship, which is already on its way to transport significant quantities of zircon, rutilium and ilmenite derived from heavy minerals to be exported to the United States and some countries in Europe and Asia,” he said.

The mining process, which will be carried out for the next fifty years based on existing reserves, began in April, and the processing unit is expected to be fully functioning in July.

This will coincide with conclusion of work to put the facility’s dock into operation in order to transport minerals on ships.

The installed capacity of the heavy minerals project at Moma, is of 800,00 tons of ilmenite, 600,000 tons of zircon and 20,000 tons of rutilium. (macauhub)