China exports five times more products to Brazil than Brazil to China

25 June 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 June – China exported to Brazil over 3,000 types of products in May, while Brazilian sales to the Chinese market were limited to around 600 types of product, according to figures from Brazil’s Foreign Trade Ministry.

According to the published figures, China sold Brazil 3,286 types of products, a figure over five times higher than the types of products sols by Brazil to China – 615.

Although they are more diverse, Chinese exports to Brazil reach a similar value to imports.

In May 2007, sales China to the Brazilian market totaled US$968 million and purchases were US$919 million.

These values are similar because Brazil exports a high quantity of iron ore and soy to China, accounting for US$690 million, or around 75 percent of the total.

This concentration of products does not occur in China’s exports to Brazil, with two main types of products arriving on the Brazilian market – parts for the telecommunications sector and liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors – totaling US$90 million, or just 9.3 percent of the total.

In 2006 Brazil exported US$8.4 billion in products to China, distributed over 1,500 types of product, but soy and iron ore accounted for over half of the total value (54 percent).

In its turn, China sold US$7.9 billion or the Brazilian market in 2006, with 5,000 types of product, with the two main types accounting for 10 percent of total sales. (macauhub)