Mozambique studies biofuels strategy and policy

16 July 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 16 July – Mozambique has commissioned a study from American firm Ecoenergy on proposals for a biofuels strategy in the country, media have reported.

The head of Mozambique’s renewable energies agency, Antonio Saide, told the APA news agency Sunday that the creation of a strategic document was a key step in the development of a logical program for the production of ethanol and biodiesel.

“If Mozambique wants to compete in biofuels markets, it must study the issue and then clearly define what it aims to offer,” said Saide.

The senior energy ministry official added that Mozambique’s biofuels strategy has to take into consideration raw materials, competitiveness and markets.

The US consultancy contracted by Maputo has already presented a study on Mozambique’s biofuels potential, suggesting that jatrofa, castor oil and palm and coconut oil could be used for biofuels production, while ethanol could be produced from cane sugar, corn and cassava.

Mozambique is studying a possible investment in a development program for biofuels production to provide cheaper energy for the country’s tourism and industry sectors.

Mozambique has capacity to produce more than 40 million liters of biofuels and 21 million liters of ethanol from an area of around 5 million hectares set aside for cultivation of fuel-producing crops. (macauhub)