European Commission presents plan for special Cape Verde partnership in November

16 July 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 16 July – The European Commission official responsible for Cape Verde, Roberto Rensi, has said that Brussels will present a document on a special partnership with the islands in November.

An EU delegation was in Cape Verde last week for talks with the Praia government to determine the details of this plan, through which Cape Verde wants to deepen its ties with Europe.

Rensi said he was satisfied with “very open dialogue” existing between the EU and Cape Verde, as well as the islands’ development, emphasizing that a special partnership with Europe could start a process of even deeper ties between the two parties.

The EU official also said he had discussed Brussels’ cooperation with Cape Verde for the coming year in his talks.

The Cape Verde government has sought a special relationship with the EU for many years and is keen to see this special status approved during Portugal’s presidency of the EU.

Praia’s goal for closer integration within the EU is backed by Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany.

Cape Verde wants more cooperation with the EU, greater development aid and also wants tighter cooperation in the areas of organized crime and illegal immigration. Large amounts of Europe-bound drugs already pass though the islands, which are also on the route of clandestine immigration from Africa to Europe.

As well as being a member of the African Union, Cape Verde also belongs to the West African ECOWAS bloc. (macauhub)