Macau posts trade deficit of 10.55 billion patacas in first half of year

31 July 2007

Macau, China, 31 July – Macau’s balance of trade in the first six months of the year showed a deficit of 10.55 billion patacas, according to official figures.

The Directorate of Statistical and Census Services (DSEC) said Monday that Macau’s imports were worth 20.09 billion patacas, up 15.6 percent in an annual comparison, and exports were valued at 9.54 billion patacas, a fall of 7.8 percent in a year-on-year comparison.

Consequently, the coverage rate of imports by exports fell from 59.6 percent in the first half of 2006 to 47.5 percent in the same period this year.

In June, Macau exported goods worth 1.86 billion patacas, down 10.8 percent on the same month in 2006, and imported goods valued at 3.62 billion patacas, up 9.5 percent in a yearly comparison, generating a trading deficit of 1.76 billion patacas.

Macau’s exports in the first half of the year were strongly geared to two markets – the United States and the European Union (57 percent of total) and imports continued to be primarily from mainland China and Hong Kong (52.5 percent). (macauhub)