Congo-Kinshasa and Angola negotiate demarcation of common oil area

21 August 2007

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 21 Aug – The negotiations with Angola on the demarcation of the common oil area in the Atlantic Ocean are progressing well, the Oil Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) said in Kinshasa Monday.

Lambert Mende Omalanga added that negotiations underway would make the oil exploration area of the DRC, “grow significantly.”

“Our production is currently of 25,000 barrels per day as compared with 1.3 million in Angola and 350,000 in the Republic of Congo. This means that our exploration area is very small and that is why we are negotiating with Angola,” the minister said.

He also said negotiations were underway with Uganda for the exploration of oil and gas in Lake Albert, which borders both countries.

Noting that significant reserves had been found in the lake, the minister said that Uganda had already begun oil exploration and said that his government was negotiating with the Ugandan authorities “so that exploration does not enter our territory.”

Relations between Kampala and Kinshasa are currently tense with Kampala threatening to send troops to the DRC if nothing is done about Congolese troops who captured four Ugandan soldiers. (macauhub)