Chinese government launches “special war” on poor quality products

24 August 2007

Beijing, China, 24 Aug – The Chinese government Thursday started a four-month long “special war” on poor quality products and supervision following concerns from all over the world about the safety of Chinese products.

Eight categories of products will be involved in this “war”- pork, medication, agricultural products, processed foods, food supply, products for import and export and other public health related products, such as toys and electrical wires.

At the end of the year all food producers will have to be licensed, pigs will only be slaughtered in certified slaughter houses, wholesale agricultural markets will be inspected, all raw materials for export products will have to be inspected and restaurants will be required to check quality certification when they purchase products.

Bans have also been impose, such as on five types of pesticide and the sale of cage fowl that have died of disease as well as on hazardous additives in foodstuffs.

“This is a special war to protect the interests and safety of the public as well as to safeguard the Made in China brand and the image of the country,” Deputy Prime Minister Wu Yi said in Beijing Thursday.

During the meeting, the first since Wu was nominated chairwoman of a ministerial panel for quality control and food safety, the deputy prime minister noted that the country had some problems in relation to the quality of products and foods.

Wu also announced that there would be a zero tolerance policy on those failing to implement the new rules, including both producers and sellers, as well as government staff that do not fulfil their duties. (macauhub)