Ponta Dobela port project in Mozambique set to begin

10 September 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 10 Sept – Mozambique’s Port and Railways Company (CFM) will contribute US$15 million to the project to build, maintain and operate the Mozambican port of Ponta Dobela, the Maputo-based newspaper Notícias has reported.

The project, located about 70 km from the capital, south of Ponta Milibangalala, involves the development of industrial, commercial and tourism activities, besides the construction of road and rail accesses.

Total investment in the project is estimated at US$500 million, according to a source from that public enterprise. It will cover an area of more than 22,380 hectares in the Techobanine region that had been set aside for the installation of a special economic zone.

In the first phase, plans call for the construction of a tank farm for fuel distribution in the region, to be followed by a specialized commercial port to handle minerals.

The work to restore and upgrade the Port of Quelimane should meanwhile be finished by the end of this year, under a US$14 million project co-financed by the German government and CFM.

In Quelimane the project involves upgrading dock, surface, pavement, drainage, water and power supply, warehouse and office infrastructures, as well as fencing the entire port perimeter. It also includes the acquisition of a large mobile cargo-handling crane.

The private company Cornelder Quelimane was awarded management of the Port of Quelimane in July 2004 under a concession agreement valid for 25 years.

The port concession policy is meant to encourage private sector involvement in financing and applying investments in infrastructures, equipment, information technologies and the maintenance of national port and railway systems, thus enabling the generation of returns for both the government and CFM. (macauhub)