China-Brazil trade rises 54 percent in August and exceeds US$2 billion

25 September 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 Sept – Trade between Brazil and China rose 54.4 percent to US$2.444 billion in August, against the same month of 2006, according to figures from Brazil’s Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry.

Brazilian imports, which rose almost 80 percent last month, were responsible for the rise in bilateral trade in the period. Brazil’s sales to China also rose, but at a lower level.

Last month Brazilian exports to the Chinese market totaled US$1.127 billion, or a rise of 32.5 percent on August 2006. Soy beans accounted for US$310 million of the total.

Chinese exports to Brazil saw a year on year rise of 79.8 percent in August totalling US$1.316 billion. Telephone components (US$75 million) were the main Chinese product sold to the Brazilian market.

China posted a trade surplus with Brazil of US$200 million for the month, and over the first eight months of the year the total was almost US$400 million.

In the first eight months of the year, China sold goods to Brazil totalling US$7.579 billion and imported products totalling US$1.191 billion. (macauhub)