Macau posts balance of trade deficit between January and August

5 October 2007

Macau, China, 5 Oct – The Macau balance of trade posted a deficit of 14.71 billion patacas between January and August, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau said Wednesday in Macau.

With exports of 13.21 billion patacas and imports of 27.92 billion patacas in the period, the rate of coverage of imports by exports fell to 47.3 percent against 59.5 percent in the same period of 2006.

By destination markets, Macau’s exports were focused on the United States and the European Union, with 58 percent of the total combined, and imports continued to be focused on Asia, with mainland China and Hong Kong accounting for 52.4 percent of total imports.

In August alone, the deficit totaled 2.35 million patacas, with exports of 1.8 billion patacas and imports of 4.15 billion patacas, the Bureau said. (macauhub)