Angola grants Cape Verde 7,200 hectares of land for crops

11 October 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 11 Oct – Angola has granted Cape Verde 7,200 hectares of land for the archipelago to invest in agricultural projects, the Cape Verdean economy minister, José Brito said in Praia Wednesday.

After a meeting of the Council of Ministers on economic issues, Brito said that management of the land, in Cuanza Sul province, had not yet been defined but that its would likely be “via a company with public capital, but private management.”

The agro-farming project is expected to “respond to greater food security in Cape Verde,” the minister said, adding that the project was still in its initial stage, and therefore other issues such as distribution of products to the archipelago, would be decided later.

Cape Verde has had discussions with Guinea-Conakry for a similar project but, Brito said, “this did not go ahead.”

Cape Verde, due to a lack of water, imports most of the products it consumes. In good years for agriculture, production of food in the country covers only 15 percent of the needs of the population. (macauhub)