Exxon Mobil brings forward production in another Angolan oil well

23 October 2007

Dallas, United States of America, 23 Oct – The start of production of the Kizomba C oil well in bloc 15 of Angola’s offshore, is expected to be brought forward to the beginning of next year, US oil company Exxon Mobil said in Dallas Monday.

“We have made significant progress on the Kizomba C project. we are moving ahead as efficiently as possible to start,” production, which is expected to happen “before schedule,” Exxon said.

The well, in which the US company has a 40 percent stake, has a capacity of almost 600 million barrels of crude oil, according to Exxon’s statement.

The well is made up of three fields – Mondo, Saxi and Batuque – which will be explored by two production and storage ships.

Bloc 15’s shareholders are BP with 27 percent, ENI with 20 percent and Statoil Hydro with 13 percent, as well as Exxon Mobil with 40 percent. (macauhub)