Mozambican farmers sell peanuts to United Kingdom

24 October 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 24 Oct – Farmers from the Mozambican province of Nampula are to export organic and conventional peanuts to the United Kingdom under the terms of a contract signed recently, Mozambican newspaper Notícias reported.

The contract, which is worth a little over 300 million meticals, outlines that producers must supply a total of 500 tons of peanuts.

For the signing of the agreement, the farmers had the help of Ikuru, a company focused on selling farming products and production means, which is also an intermediary for the conclusion of a deal to export 128 tons of cashew nuts, to be delivered in February 2008.

The managing director of the company, Moises Raposo, explained that this type of peanut is much sought after in the UK to supply the country’s cooking oil and chocolate industries.

As well as the UK, the source said that around 700 tons of peanuts would be sent to South Africa to deal with an agricultural deficit of the product. (macauhub)