Mozambique: European Union funds reconstruction of sanitation system in Beira

8 November 2007

Beira, Mozambique, 8 Nov – The European Union (EU) plans to finance the reconstruction of the draining and sewage system in the city of Beira under the terms of an agreement signed Saturday in Beira with the Mozambican government.

Financed through the European Development Fund (EDF), the project valued at 53 million euros, will be carried out by the CMC/Conduril consortium and will make it possible to clean up the sea and estuary water of the Púngué River, improving fishing activities and tourism in that region of the country.

The ceremony was led by the Minister for Public Works and Housing, Felício Zacarias, who said the project would include the reconstruction of the sanitation system and institutional development of the relevant municipal services, in order to set up autonomous sanitation services in the city.

The minister also said that a construction project for a new water station in the city of Beira had recently been concluded, which is already supplying 150,000 people in the city and in Dondo throughout the day.

In his turn, Glaulo Caczoula, the European union ambassador in Mozambique, noted that the Beira sanitation project is, to date, the biggest the EU has funded in Mozambique.

He reiterated the EU’s commitment in supporting PARPA (The Plan of Action for Reduction of Absolute Poverty), having announced that this year an agreement between the Mozambican government and the EU would be signed for financing from the EDF for the 2008/2013 period. (macauhub)