Guinea Bissau: Fish can be exported to EU from January 2008

9 November 2007

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 9 Nov – Guinea Bissau may, as of January 2008, meet all the conditions required by European legislation to export fish to that market, the Fisheries Minister, Daniel Gomes, said Thursday in Bissau.

At a press conference in which he gave details of various missions he had undertaken over the last few days to some African and European countries, namely Portugal and Spain, Gomes explained that Guinea Bissau “now meets all conditions” to start exporting fish.

Guinea Bissau could not previously export its fish to the European market, because the country did not have a laboratory to check the quality of its products.

With EU help. Bissau focused on setting up three laboratories, one of which will issue fishing quality certificates.

Fishing is one of the main sources of revenue for Guinea Bissau, netting the country some 40 million euros per year.

Government studies have shown that export of locally treated fish could add some 400 million euros to the state treasury, as well as creating around 1,000 direct jobs. (macauhub)