European Union: Africa under debate at summit with China

20 November 2007

Beijing, China, 20 Nov – The increasingly visible presence of China in Africa will be one of the issues discussed at a European Union-China summit held on November 28, according to a high level official from China’s Foreign Ministry.

Current president of the EU and Portuguese prime minister, Jose Socrates will head the delegation of the 27 EU member-states at the summit with China, which will be held on November 28 and at which the Chinese diplomat said that Africa would be one of the issues under debate, although he gave no details as to whether the two parties had defined the content of their dialogue on Africa.

“We are ready to boost cooperation with the EU on Africa, which we hope will be closer. We also hope that we can explore ways and practical means in cooperating in Africa,” the official told the press, whilst asking to remain unnamed.

China has expanded its presence in Africa, often affecting the interests of EU member-states and companies, which are now facing competition from Chinese companies to buy African natural resources and to sell goods and services to the continent’s markets. (macauhub)