Mozambique: Industry contributes just 12 percent to GDP total

23 November 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 23 Nov – Mozambique’s industry has a weighting in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) of just 12 percent, due to a lack of investment in the manufacturing industries, the national director for Industry, Sérgio Macamo said Thursday in Maputo.

The impact of industry on the Mozambican economy was discussed at a seminar promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and by the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development, as a was of marking African Industrialization Day.

The date, celebrated on November 20 across the entire continent, had as its theme, “Technology and Innovation for Industry: Investing in People and Investing in the Future.”

The poor level of influence of Mozambique’s industries on the country’s development reflects the situation of most African nations, in which industry contributes less than 15 percent, and in some cases less than 5 percent, said Macamo.

The focus on exporting raw materials, rather than on the manufacturing sector, is one of the causes of the weak impact of industry on the performance of African economies, he said.

The low level of technological and scientific development in Africa is at the heart of the modest contribution of industry on the continent’s GDP, Macamo added.

In the Mozambican case, the situation is made worse because most of the country’s manufacturing units are not in operation, Macamo said. (macauhub)