UN: Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau ranked amongst bottom 16 countries for Human Development

28 November 2007

New York, USA, 28 Nov – Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau have fallen in the ranking of the Human Development Index drawn up by the United Nations, and are now amongst the 16 worst classified countries of the 177 nations analyzed by the UN.

The UN Human Development Index, which for this year’s report is based on figures for 2005, assesses countries not only based on their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but also based on well-being indicators, such as life expectancy, education and health.

According to the Human Development Report from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Guinea Bissau fell by two places in relation t last year and is the worst-placed Portuguese-speaking African country, in 175th place.

It is followed by Mozambique in 172nd place (falling four places) and Angola in 162nd (dropped one place), countries which are placed in the low human development group.

Amongst Portuguese-speaking countries, after Portugal, in 29th place, the best placed was Brazil in last place (70th) amongst high development countries, having fallen one place in relation to last year.

in the middle, amongst the medium development nations, were Sao tome and Principe, rose five places and this year took 123rd place, and Cape Verde in 102nd place, after rising four places.

The UNDP Human Development Report was this year entitled, “Combating Climate Change: Human Solidarity in a Divided World,” and was presented Tuesday in Brasilia, Brazil. (macauhub)