Cape Verde: UN guarantees that support for country will continue after graduation in January

4 December 2007

Praia, Cape Verde, 4 Dec – The United Nations (UN) representative in Cape Verde, Patricia de Mowbray, Monday in Praia guaranteed that the UN would continue to support the country after January 1, 2008, when the archipelago graduated to become a medium-income country.

After a meeting, the last, of the Transition Support Group, de Mowbray said that some UN agencies would change the type of support provided to Cape Verde, but that this did not mean aid would end.

“In the next few weeks and months we will mobilize between US$2 and 4 million for the country’s development, she said, also recommending that the transition group be maintained, with another name to serve as a bridge for dialogue between Cape Verde and its development partners.

In 2004 the UN decided that as of January 2008, Cape Verde would graduate to become a medium-income country. The last country to graduate, before Cape Verde, was Botswana, in 1994.

Despite meeting two of the criteria to move categories, per capita income and human development index, Cape Verde has not yet achieved its third criteria: the economic vulnerability index.

“Cape Verde will not reduce its economic vulnerability from one day to the next,” but that aim “is at the core of the government’s concerns,” said the foreign minister, Vítor Borges.

“It is important for Cape Verde to continue benefiting from the support of the international community,” the minister said, noting that Cape Verde’s process would be closely followed by the African Union, especially because most low income countries are located in Africa, which depending on the archipelago’s performance may or may not want to graduate to become medium income countries. (macauhub)