China: Footwear exports to Europe rise almost 10 percent

5 December 2007

Beijing, 5 Dec – Chinese exports of footwear to Europe increased 9.8 percent in the first ten months of 2007 year on year, the state Chinese press reported Tuesday, citing industry figures.

According to official newspaper the Beijing Times, in the first ten months of the year China exported 7.2 billion pair of shoes at a total value of US$21 billion, which was a rise of 16.1 percent in comparison with the first ten months of 2006.

Exports of Chinese shoes to Europe resisted the rise in average cost per pair made in China of 5.8 percent to US$2.92, according to figures from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Light Industry.

In 2006 China produced around 68 percent of the world’s shoes, which was more than 10 billion pairs, Zhang Huarong, the president of the Asian Association of Shoe Manufacturers told the Beijing Times. (macauhub)