China: Macau and Guangdong boost cooperation

14 December 2007

Macau, China, 14 Dec – The Macau authorities and those of the Chinese province of Guangdong Thursday boosted their cooperation ties in areas such as rescue operations, medicine and food safety.

As part of the Guangdong-Macau 2007 joint cooperation conference, the two delegations, headed by Edmund Ho and Huang Huahua, governor of Guangdong, discussed projects and areas of bilateral cooperation between the two regions.

Macau is heavily dependent on Guangdong in terms of essential goods such as water, power and fresh food, as well as being an important platform to link the Chinese powerhouse to geographical areas such as the Portuguese-speaking world.

During the meeting Huang noted that at the latest congress of the Chinese Communist Party “a clear message was sent out to boost cooperation and interchange between interior China, Hong Kong and Macau, in order to set up complementarities of the advantages of joint development, which encouraged and gave direction to the future Guangdong-Macau cooperation.”

Within the scope of the documents signed, Macau and Guangdong pledged to cooperate to develop infrastructures for water supply, for urgent medical treatment and rescue operations by fire fighters, food safety and cooperation in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. (macauhub)