Mozambique: Govt to start building antiretroviral factory in March

26 December 2007

Maputo, Mozambique, 26 Dec – The Mozambican government will lay the cornerstone of a plant to manufacture antiretroviral drugs in March, 2008 in the south of the country, according to Maputo’s health minister, Ivo Garrido.

“From 2008, I won’t be taking about plans, I’ll show the factory. I will invite you and show that “the antiretroviral factory) is here by 31 March,” Garrido told reporters.

The Maputo government approved the building of the pharmaceutical plant earlier this year to make drugs to treat HIV/AIDS patients. The project is being supported by the Brazilian government and Maputo hopes the project will develop the country’s drugs sector.

Maputo, health minister gave no details of the project or its projected costs. But a Brazilian diplomat in Maputo has already stated that the drugs plant has an estimated cost of US$ 10 million and could be operational in 2009.

The building of the factory, said Garrido, will give Mozambique “immediate access to antiretroviral drugs” and also contribute to “training of human resources” to manufacture other types of medicines.

Brazil is a pioneer in the development and supply of antiretroviral drugs to HIV/AIDS sufferers and will support the Mozambican factory project until its conclusion. (macauhub)