Cape Verde: Government asks UN to continue with international aid

4 January 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 4 Jan – The Cape Verdean government has requested, in a report sent to the United nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon, that the international community continue to support the archipelago in order to reduce its economic vulnerability and boost the country’s economic growth, news agency Pana reported.

Citing an official spokesperson, the agency said that the report on Cape Verde’s exit from the category of Low Development Countries and entry into the group of Medium Development Countries, as of 1 January 2008, was handed in Thursday in Praia to the representative of the UN on the archipelago, El Hadi Benzerroug.

The Cape Verdean government said in the report that reducing economic vulnerability and increasing economic growth “could only be achieved with the unequivocal support of the international community and each of Cape Verde’s partners in particular.”

The document, which contains the essential points of the Declaration adopted by the Transition Support Group on June 12 2007, calls the international community’s attention to the big challenges and the Cape Verdean government’s expectations for the post-graduation period.

These challenges are related to the need for the international community to continue supporting Cape Verde, in a lasting way, for the implementation of its socio-economic transformation agenda.

The Transition Support Group, along with UN agencies, includes Cape Verde’s main partners (African Development Bank, World Bank and European Union, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, the United States, France, Luxembourg and Portugal).

In 2004 the UN general assembly decided that as of January 1 2008, Cape Verde would graduate to become a medium-income country. (macauhub)