Mozambique: South African mines recruit fewer Mozambican workers in 2007

9 January 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 Jan – South Africa’s mining industry in 2007 recruited 3 percent fewer than the 46,528 Mozambican workers recruited in 2006, the regional director for Mozambique and Swaziland of recruiting agency Teba, José Carimo said Tuesday in Maputo.

Speaking to newspaper Notícias, Carimo said that Mozambique should adopt a strategy of training workers in the areas considered vital to the mining sector, in order to maintain the tradition of supplying labor for gold and platinum mines in South Africa.

Of the total number of miners recruited last year, 36,702 were contract renewals, 7,950 were new hires with experience in the mining sector and just 227 were cases of individuals who had never previously worked in mines.

According to Carimo, the reduced number of Mozambicans recruited by South Africa’s mines was mainly due to the new law on migration in South Africa, which amongst other things, restricts access to employment by non-qualified foreign workers.

Before the introduction of the new law, in 2002 for example, Mozambique sent 50,589 workers to South Africa’s mines, of which 35,717 were contract renewals, 10,318 were experienced hires and 4,554 were workers with no experience in the sector.

“If economic factors remain favorable,2008 could be a good year in terms of employment opportunities for Mozambicans in South Africa’s mines. It’s enough to say that in 2006 South Africa’s gold mining industry mined to just a third of its annual potential, estimated at 999,000 kilograms of gold, the lowest amount since 1920,” Carimo said. (macauhub)