Mozambique: Production of biofuels will not put food supply at risk, agriculture minister says

15 January 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 Jan – The Mozambican Agriculture Minister, Soares Nhaca, said that his government would not allow biofuel production to threaten the country’s food supply.

In an interview published in weekly newspaper “O País,” Nhaca also guaranteed that “no land that is appropriate for agriculture would be used for biofuels.”

The minister said that the land that could produce biofuels was being idetified all over the country, but that this was always marginal land that could not be used to produce food.

The Mozambican government approved a large biodiesel production project, known as Procana, which will produce ethanol from sugar cane planted over 30,000 hectares in Massingir district.

The project’s investor is the London-based Central African Mining and Exploration Company (CAMEC), which is best known for its mining activities, such as cobalt and copper exploration in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Recently there has been an avalanche of biofuel projects but the minister said that, other than Procana, no other project had yet been approved by the government. (macauhub)