Angola: Endiama presents new brand image

16 January 2008

Luanda, Angola, 16 Jan – Angolan diamond mining company, Endiama, one of the world’s main diamond producers, Tuesday in Luanda presented its new brand image, the immediate aim of which is to “better integrate” the company amongst its counterparts across the world.

The company now has an oval-shaped white logo on a green background, with a “T” within it followed by the word Endiama with the phrase “Valores que Brilham” (Values that Shine) lower down.

The company’s old logo was a hexagon, which was reminiscent of a cut diamond.

According to the director of the marketing and communication department of Endiama, Sebastião Panzo, who was speaking at a press conference, the change is due to the need for the company’s image to keep up with the range of services it now has.

Endiama was officially set up in 1981, replacing Condiama, founded in 1970 via a partnership between Diamang (1917) and De Beers, and was the national concession-holder for diamond mining all over Angola.

But the first company to mine diamonds in Angola was Companhia de Pesquisa Mineira de Angola, set up in 1912. According to Endiama, the first records of diamonds in Angola go back to 1590.

Currently, Endiama’s main activity is prospecting, mining, cutting and sales of diamonds, particularly in the provinces of Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte.

Endiama also has complementary services that include the logistics, agriculture, hotel and health sectors, and owns subsidiary companies Air Diamate de Angola, Sodiam, Desportivo Sagrada Esperança, Endiama Prospecção e Produção and Clínica Sagrada Esperança. (macauhub)