Angola: Companies plan to place more cement on the market

16 January 2008

Luanda, Angola, 16 Jan – Angolan cement factories Nova Cimangola and Secil Lobito plan to place some 4.5 million tons of cement per year on the Angolan market in the medium-term, the national director of construction materials of the Public Works Ministry said in Luanda Tuesday.

Speaking to the press, on the sidelines of a meeting with construction company officials, Manuel Fernando Victor said that Nova Cimangola had already normalized the problems it recently faced of a lack of materials.

According to Victor, Nova Cimangola can place 1.2 million tons of cement on the market per year, whilst Secil Lobito produces 240,000 tons per year.

He added that Secil Lobito was producing cement on a regular basis, but the total amount produced by the two factories was not enough to meet the needs of the market.

Victor said that Nova Cimangola had pledged to import 2 million tons of cement and Secil to import 500,000 tons of cement.

Victor noted that the Council of Ministers had recently approved construction of a cement factory in Lobito and expansion of the existing one (Secil Lobito), as well as another factory currently being built in Luanda. (macauhub)