Brazil: Demand for travel to Beijing Olympics exceeds that for Athens

17 January 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 14 Jan – the demand for tour packages to the Beijing Olympic Games is seeing ‘enormous” growth in relation to the last Olympics in Athens, an official from the travel agency representing the organizing committee of the Olympics in Brazil told macauhub.

António Carlos Valente, of Tamoyo Internacional – a company based in Rio de Janeiro that represents the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympics – said that around 600 Brazilians have bought tickets for the August games from his company.

In relation to packages to china in August 2007 – around 50 – the demand for the Beijing Olympics represents growth of over 1,000 percent.

Valente said that the company, which was one of the officials agencies for the Athens Olympics, was “very pleasantly” surprised by demand and said Brazilians’ interest was likely due to “China being in vogue.”

He noted the positive role played by the media in promoting this edition of the Games.

“The media is taking a positive position in relation to the Games, which was not the case with Athens, when the national and international media were talking about terrorist attacks and the fact that Brazilian men’s football was declassified,” he said.

The prices of packages to the 2008 Olympic Games through Tamoyo vary between US%6,500 (six nights in a three star hotel) and US$17,646 (18 nights, single room in a four star hotel).

Despite the high cost, by Brazilian standards, all the packages available to Beijing have been sold and the company is now working on the basis of waiting lists.

Valente said that the biggest difficulty faced in organizing tour packages with Brazilians to Beijing during the Olympics was the lack of flights as no Brazilian company offers a Brazil-China route.

The Tamoyo representative also estimated that each of the Brazilians attending the Olympics in August 2008 would spend around US$500 per day in China. (macauhub)