Angola: Secil Lobito to invest US$140 million in new cement factory

18 January 2008

Luanda, Angola, 18 Jan – Angolan cement manufacturer is to invest US$140 million in building a new cement factory in Lobito, Benguela province, the company’s director Abel Fernandes said in Luanda.

The factory will have a production capacity of 900,000 tons of clinker per year, but initially will produce just 600,000 tons of cement.

The project, work on which is due to begin in March, will be built in 36 months and will have an intensive production line.

Secil Lobito, which owns the project, already has a cement factory in Lobito, whose production volume is 240,000 tons of cement per year.

“Quantity has been insufficient to meet demand,” Fernandes noted.

Secil Lobito guarantees a supply of cement to the provinces of Namibe, Huíla and Cunene.

Soon a plan will be drawn up to stabilize the supply of cement to the Angolan market, and is expected to be put in place this year, according to the national director for the construction materials area of the Public Works Ministry, Nelo Victor.

According to the program, 4.5 million tons of cement will be place don the market, some of which will be from Nova Cimangola which will provide 1.25 million tons, whilst Secil Lobito will provide 250,000 tons per year.

The remaining 2.5 million tons will be imported, with Nova Cimangola bringing in 2 million tons and Secil Lobito the remaining 500,000. (macauhub)