Cape Verde: Hilton chain opens hotel on Sal Island

22 January 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 Jan – The Hilton chain of hotels plans to open its first tourist resort on Sal Island, the chairman of Vela Verde company, Jacques Monnier said in Praia Monday.

According to the chairman of Vela Verde, which will build the hotel and signed a management contract with the Hilton Group, on 9 January, this will be the “first real five star hotel in the country,” and a key that will open up many doors,” for tourism in Cape Verde.

The Hilton Group, one of the most famous chains of luxury hotels in the world, was “convinced” of the potential of the archipelago and wants to be a “pioneer” in top class hotels in the country, Monnier said.

“We will be the first 5 star hotel in Cape Verde, but according to western standards, as here all the hotels announce that they have five, or six or seven stars, but then it’s not quite like that,” Monnier said.

The contract was signed in Paris, on 9 January between Jacques Monnier and the vice president of the Hilton Group, Deepack Seth, in the presence of the Cape Verdean ambassador to France, José Duarte. The deal’s worth has been kept secret. (macauhub)