Macau: British businesspeople open office to create business opportunities

25 January 2008

Macau, China, 25 Jan – The British Business Association of Macau (BBAM) opened a representational office in Macau Thursday that aims to be the “starting point” for new business opportunities and provide support for the British business community.

Henry Brockman, the chairman of the association, said that there were currently some 40 British companies in Macau, or which had string business interests in the United Kingdom, with main areas of activity being telecommunications, aviation and real estate.

Brockman said that in terms of exports the United Kingdom sold products to Macau in 2006 worth a total £21 million and that indicators “point to growth over the next few years.”

“With this office, we will have a permanent meeting place, which will focus new opportunities and be a place to exchange information that is useful to the business community,” he said, noting that locally-based British businesspeople “are interested in areas such as the environment, making use of advanced technology from the United Kingdom.”

The association’s new office, located in the Macau Business Support Centre (MBSC) of the Macau Trade and Investment promotion Institute (IPIM), was opened in the presence of the head of the Macau government, Edmund Ho, the economy secretary, Francis Tam, and the British consul-general to Hong Kong and Macau, Stephen Bradley.

The British Business Association of Macau was set up in 2006 with the aim of promoting and representing British business and trade interests in Macau and the region, and acts as a bridge between the government and local British businesspeople in order to create business opportunities and set up contacts. (macauhub)