Guinea Bissau: Government wants to use armed forces to produce ethanol

5 February 2008

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 5 Feb – The Guinea Bissau Armed Forces plan to produce ethanol “within a few years” under the terms of a military program, an official from Bissau’s Defense Ministry said Thursday.

Abel da Silva, the director-general of production, modernization and social action of the Defense Ministry, said that ethanol production was part of a number of activities planned as part of the agro-farming projects of Guinea Bissau’s armed forces.

Ethanol production is a projected that is expected to cost US$300 million and the Guinea Bissau government expects to employ 3,000 excess armed forces staff, under the terms of the program for reform, restructuring and modernization of the Defense and Security sector.

The launch of the program depends only on funding from the international community and the Guinean government, da Silva said, noting that until it arrives, the Armed Forces would start production of sugar and firewater, as well as raising cattle. (macauhub)