Cape Verde: Portugal provides support in process of extending continental shelf

6 February 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 6 Feb – Portugal is assisting Cape Verde in the preparation of its request to widen the archipelago’s continental shelf, which will have to be presented at the United Nations by May 2009, according to a report from Portuguese news agency Lusa.

A team of Portuguese specialists, headed by the coordinators of the Mission Structure for the Extension of the Continental Shelf (EMEPC) of Portugal, Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Monday in the Cape Verdean capital ended a marathon of meetings with Cape Verdean officials, to help Cape Verde prepare the proposal for extending the shelf further than 200 miles.

“Portugal made the EMEPC available so that together the possibilities of extending Cape Verde’s shelf could be analyzed and evaluate the resources that need to be mobilized,” said Pinto de Abreu.

The Portuguese specialist said that one of the advantages of extending the shelf could be the increased possibility of finding oil in an area under cape Verdean jurisdiction.

Pinto de Abreu also said that Cape Verde had “good indications” that the extension would be accepted by the UN.

According to him the amount by which the shelf would be extended beyond the current 200 nautical miles, was not currently under discussion and that he could not quantify the resources needed.

The Cape Verdean government last year set up the Intergovernmental Commission for the Continental Shelf, but this has so far met only once.

The Cape Verdean commission has until 13 May 2009 to present the proposal for extending the continental shelf and its justifications for the request. (macauhub)