Angola: Education, water and power networks receive greatest amount of funding from China

18 February 2008

Luanda, Angola, 18 Feb – School, higher education institutes and water and electricity systems are the infrastructures that the Chinese credit line to Angola has helped most, according to official Angolan figures to which macauhub has had access.

According to the figures from the Angolan finance ministry, as part of the Chinese Credit Line at the end of last year projects had been approved I the Energy and Water sectors worth a total US$243.8 million, or around a fifth of the total available for investment.

This was followed by the Education sector, with projects totalling US$217.2 million, Public Works, with US$211.7 million, and in fourth place Health, with US$206.1 million, ahead of Agriculture, the Media and Transport.

In Electricity, the highlights are the projects of the second phase of refurbishment and expansion of the Luanda grid and the Quifangondo-Mabubas, Viana-Lunda Sul-Cazenga, Capanda-Lucala-Ndalatando and Cambambe-Luanda interlinks.

In the water and sanitation sectors, the new water systems of Luanda and Huambo and the refurbishment of water supply system of Caxito, Catete and Uíge have already been concluded.

In Education, the financing helped rebuild and equip the Agrarian Institutes at Huambo, Bié and Késsua.

Two further Agrarian Institutes are still being concluded – Kwanza Norte and Kwanza Sul – as well as eight polytechnics – four in Luanda (Sambizanga, Cacuaco, Cazenga and Viana), and a further four in Sumbe, Huíla, Benguela and Lobito.

The Chinese credit line also funded three new secondary schools in Luanda (Viana, Cacuaco and Nova Vida), two in Malange, one in Huíla and another in Benguela.

In the Health sector, the highlight was the refurbishment and equipment of hospitals in Benguela, Malange, Kwanza Norte and Kwanza Sul, as well as construction and equipment of new hospitals in Huambo and Lubango.

The Chinese credit line, which is provided via China’s Eximbank is worth a total of US$2 billion and has become one of the main sources of funding for the Angolan Public Investments Program.

In the second half of 2007, US$1.109 billion of the credit had been used.

Public Works are the fifth sector to have most benefited from the Chinese funding – US$211.7 million.

This is followed by Agriculture – US$149.7 million by the end of last year, which was particularly used for irrigation projects in Caxito, Gangelas, Waco-Kungo and Luena.

Within the media sector the credit line was the source of funding for building and equipping the Production Center of Televisão Popular de Angola (Camama), started in 2005 and concluded at the end of last year.

According to figures published at the end of last year by the Angolan government, Chinese funding has totaled US$7 billion.

A second credit line has already been contracted from the Eximbank, worth a total of US$2 billion.

At the same time the funding provided by the China International Fund (CIF) totals some US$2.9 billion.

According to figures recently issued by the World Bank, based on Angolan government statistics, the CIF credit line totals an estimated US$9.8 billion. (macauhub)