Brazil: Trade with Portugal rises 59.5 percent in January

26 February 2008

Brasilia, Brazil, 26 Feb – Trade between Brazil and Portugal rose by 59.5 percent in January, against the year-ago period, according to figures from Brazil’s Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry.

According to the Ministry, in the period the two countries had total trade of US$201.6 million, with Portugal selling US$3.1 million (a rise of 76.5 percent year on year) and Brazil exporting products to the value of US$168.5 million (a rise of 56.6 percent).

Although the percentage growth for the month was greater for exports from Portugal to Brazil, in absolute terms Brazil sold much more to Portugal leading to its trade surplus further increasing.

Brazil exported basic products such as oil and iron ore to Portugal and from Portugal mainly imported olive oil and salted cod-fish. (macauhub)