Mozambique: Matola-South Africa oil pipeline has positive environmental impact study

28 February 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 28 Feb – The construction of the oil pipeline linking the port of Maputo and South Africa is scheduled to start in June as its environmental impact study found no impediments, a consultant from Impacto, the Mozambican company that carried out the study said.

Speaking to Mozambican news agency AIM, José Jerónimo said that the study identified no bop-physical of socio-economic impact serious enough to force the project to be cancelled.

This project, with an estimated cost of US$537 million, involves the construction of a pipeline to carry refined fuels from the Matola oil terminal to the city of Kendal, in South Africa.

The pipeline will transport around 5 million cubic meters of liquid fuel per year, substantially increasing Mozambique’s exports to South Africa and reducing the number of tanker trucks on the roads.

It will run for 64 kilometers from Mataol to the border and, from there, 384 kilometers to Kendal, via Nelspruit, the city in which storage tanks will be built.

This environmental impact study is the first of two to be carried out in Mozambique, with the second relating to work carried out at the port of Matola, out of a total of five, including those that will be carried out in South Africa.

The pipeline will be managed by South African company Petroline Holdings and, due to the differing environmental regulations, two companies have been set up – Petroline RSA, in South Africa, and Petroline in Mozambique – which will ensure compliance with the law. (macauhub)