China: Agreement reached on financing of Zhuhai-Macau-Hong Kong bridge

29 February 2008

Guangzhou, China, 29 Feb – The governments of Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau reached an agreement Thursday in Guangzhou on the subsidizing percentages for construction of the bridge that will link the three Chinese regions and which has an estimated cost of 60 billion Hong Kong dollars (US$7.69 billion).

The Hong Kong government secretary for Transport and Housing, Eva Cheng Yu Wah, said at the end of the meeting that Hong Kong would be responsible for 20.2 percent, Guangdong for 35.1 percent and Macau for 14.7 percent.

The percentages were calculated based on the benefits that would be obtained, such as savings in time and cost of transport, and the cost of each one of the three territories would have to take on to build the main access roads to the bridge itself.

Private investors will be invited to put forward proposals for construction of the bridge and the three governments will take on the difference in cost according to the percentages now agreed.

Eva Cheng Yu Wah also said that the three governments would be responsible for construction and operation of border posts and access road to be built within their territories.

The access roads are 12.6 kilometers long on the Hong Kong side and 13.9 kilometers long on the Guangdong side.

Under the terms of the proposed construction package, the main span of the bridge will be 29.6 kilometers long, and in order to reduce impact on shipping lines a tunnel will be built between two man-made islands.

Cheng Yu Wah also said that under the terms of the deal, the economic feasibility study for the project would be reviewed as quickly as possible and at the same time the group would start drawing up the schedule of work for launching the public tender.

In August 2007, the Macau government ordered a survey from a group of consultants in order to decide the location of the bridge.

A consortium made up of Ove Arup & partners Hong Kong Ltd. And Consulasia – Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão, Limitada de Macau was chosen to carry out teh survey.

The consortium will survey the potential places where the bridge will be linked to Macau as well as assessing its impact on traffic, the environment and drainage system and will study its potential outline, land occupation and budget, amongst other aspects. (macauhub)