Sao Tome and Principe: Agreement with Equatorial Guinea excludes joint oil exploration

6 March 2008

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 6 March – Sao Tome and Principe has signed a cooperation agreement with Equatorial Guinea covering several areas, but excluding joint oil exploration, Sao Tome’s prime minister, Patrice Trovoada said Wednesday in Sao Tome.

On his return to Sao Tome after a three-day visit to Libya an Gabon, which he gave no details about, Trovoada said mentioned the deal signed a week ago with Equatorial Guinea, a country with which Sao Tome and Principe has cooperation ties in several sectors.

“We have been signing sector agreements, but the main agreement was missing, which has happened now with a general cooperation agreement,” Trovoada said.

He also noted that the president of Equatorial Guinea mentioned the possibility of the two countries, in the future, having joint exploration of an oil bloc, although he emphasized that this was just a possibility.

A source from Sao Tome’s National Oil Agency also confirmed to Portuguese news agency Lusa that there was no joint oil agreement with Equatorial Guinea.

“There is no specific deal. Whatw e have with equatorial Guinea is an agreement to outline sea borders since 2000, the document of which is kept at the United Nations,” the source said. (macauhub)