Angola: EU invests 40 million euros in water sector

10 March 2008

Luanda, Angola, 10 March -The European Union donated 40 million euros to fund water and sanitation projects in Angola between 2002 and 2007, the head of the EU’s Luanda bureau, João Ferreira, said Friday.

Speaking at the opening of a seminar on Diagnosing the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector, Ferreira said the funds were targeted both at strengthening institutions and projects to give rural areas drinking water.

In turn, the head of Angola’s national water agency, Gomes da Silva, said the Luanda government is working in partnership with the EU in the area of water supply. Some 15 distribution systems have already been rehabilitated in 2007 and these upgrades will continue until mid-2009.

Gomes da Silva also said that the Water for All program will begin in April in all provinces except Luanda and Benguela, which have special programs valued at a total US$ 600 million.

The Water for All initiative will last five years and benefits 300 rural areas and aims to bring drinking water to about 80 percent of Angolans by 2012. (macauhub)