Cape Verde: Third of population owns cell phone, Internet has few subscribers

17 March 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 17 March – One in every three Cape Verdeans has a cell phone, a service which grew by 40 percent last year, according to figures published Friday in Praia by the National Communications Agency, Anac.

At the end of the year there were a total of 152,212 people with cell phones, out of a total population of just over 450,000. In 2006 108,858 people owned cell phones.

According to Anac, the Cape Verde telecommunications regulator, 71,764 homes had a fixed line telephone, which represented 14.6 fixed line phones per 100 inhabitants and a rise of 0.26 percent year on year.

For Internet services figures are much lower and last year saw a slight fall, which Anac explained with the fact that “prices charged are still not within reach of most consumers.”

At the end of last year there were just 6,308 Internet subscribers in Cape Verde, most of which still using dial up access.

In terms of subscription television, subscription figures are also low, with a total of 1,359 subscribers at the end of last year.

There are currently two companies in Cape Verde providing these types of services, Cabo Verde Multimédia and CVXTV, although the former has most of the market, or 1,006 subscribers, 74 percent of the total. (macauhub)