Cape Verde: European Union funds solid waste treatment project

24 March 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 24 March – The European Union (EU) plans to provide 5.1 million euros in funding to the Project for Integrated Management of Solid Urban Waste (DSU) for the Cape Verdean island of Santiago under the terms of an agreement signed Thursday with the Cape Verdean government.

The project, financed as part of the 9th European Development Fund, aims to provide Santiago island with an integrated management system for solid urban waste, as well as infrastructures needed to provide “efficient” and “quality” services for collection and treatment of waste.

A protocol was also signed for the implementation of the project between the government and the Association of Santiago Municipalities (AMS), which aims to harmonise the technical and institutional solutions proposed to meet the objectives of the municipal area.

According to the AMS president, Felisberto Vieira, this project, which includes the creation of three landfill sites in the region, would contribute to “making the environment in Santiago even better and more attractive.” (macauhub)