Cape Verde: Enapor “in very good health,” CEO says

24 March 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 24 March – Cape Verdean port management company, Enapor posted profit of 200 million Cape Verdean escudos in 2007, according to its chief executive officer (CEO), Adriano MAurício.

During a meeting to present a summary of the company’s activities, Maurício said that the company last year posted around 12 percent growth of port activities against 2006.

Maurício noted that there had been growth in activities and businesses at all the ports and that the company’s financial health “is very good.”

Maurício also said that the company was currently preparing for the granting of concessions for teh private management of Cape Verde’s ports.

In 2008, the company plans to acquire a package of port equipment, as well as launch some construction projects including the expansion and modernisation of the ports of Praia and Palmeira (Sal), projects for expanding the ports of Sal Rei (Boavista) and Porto Novo and the port projects of Fogo and Brava. (macauhub)