Portugal: Galp Energia to produce biodiesel in Mozambique

25 March 2008

Lisbon, Portugal, 25 March – Galp Energia and Visabeira MOçambique Monday in Maputo signed an agreement to set up a company called Moçamgalp which will produce, sell and distribute vegetable oils for biofuel production, according to a statement.

The statement filed by Galp Energia with the Portuguese stock market regulator CMVM, said that the oils produced by Moçamgalp would be exported to Portugal, to be processes at Galp Energia’s biodiesel units, or used to produce Biofuels in Mozambique for the domestic market.

Moçamgalp, the statement said, would identify plots of land appropriate for growing oil-producing crops, in a maximum area of 150,000 hectares, and set up a company for farming and connected activities, including transforming oil crop seeds into semi-finished products for use in other industries.