Angola: Luanda to have new port

3 April 2008

Luanda, Angola, 3 April – The laying of the first stone to build the new port of Luanda, in the bay of Dande, to the north of the Angolan capital, will take place this year, the country’s Transport Minister, André Luís Brandão said Wednesday in Luanda.

Speaking at the opening of the 3rd Consultation Council on the port of Luanda, the minister noted that the future port will be twice that of the current port, as, according to studies carried out, it could have up to 32 ship mooring points, as compared with 15 currently.

According to Angolan news agency Angop, Brandão said that the government had decided to build the new port of Luanda in order to meet the country’s needs, resulting from its high levels of economic growth.

Regardless of the construction of the new port, the minister noted that it was necessary to focus more attention on the project for development and modernisation of the existing port facility, in order to meet current challenges, inherent to the refurbishment of infrastructures and economic growth.

According to the minister, the port of Luanda currently receives 80 percent of the goods imported into Angola and the response to that is not always provided in good time.

Speaking at the same session, the chairman of the board of the port of Luanda, Sílvio Vinhas, said that the port had processed some 5.6 million tons of cargo in 2007, a rise of 2.2 percent on 2006, due to the arrival of 4,077 ships, of which 698 were long-haul ships.

The rise in production seen in 2007 at the port, the chairman said, was not accompanied by an expansion of the physical size of the facilities, which was why the services provided were still lacking in quality.

Vinhas also noted that a further problem affecting the port was the fact that importers kept their goods at the port for longer than the period stipulated and did not make use of the working periods made available. (macauhub)