China: Three China, Hong Kong and Macau companies apply to distribute natural gas in Macau

8 April 2008

Macau, China, 8 April – Three China-, Macau- and Hong Kong-owned companies Monday presented proposals for the concession of natural gas services in Macau, the coordinator of the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector, Arnaldo Santos.

The following companies put forward proposals for the 25-year concession: The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited and Beijing Gas Group consortium, Xinao Gas Investimentos-Macau, and Nam Kwong Natural Gas Company.

Macau’s Government Information Bureau said that “the results of evaluation of the proposals are3 expected to be concluded in the second half of this year.”

Santos also said that natural gas was expected to be available in Macau, to produce energy for domestic consumption, at the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010.

Final tests for the introduction of natural gas are currently underway in Macau.

The use of natural gas to produce energy was decided by the Macau government in order to diversify the territory’s energy sources, whilst ensuring greater levels of environmental protection.

Sinosky Energy, the company responsible for the introduction of natural gas, has a 15-year concession for supplying it to Macau and is a joint venture between China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and China Energy.

As well as the supply centre for CEM, Sinosky is also building, by 2010. a Liquid Natural Gas unloading centre linked to a terminal on the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai by high pressure underwater pipelines.

Sinosky is expected to supply Macau with 180 million cubic metres of natural gas in 2008 and 2009, and gradually increase that amount to 520 million cubic metres in 2015. (macauhub)