Mozambique: Government needs more funding to improve water supply

8 April 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 8 April – The Mozambican Minister for Public Works and Housing, Felício Zacarias has said that in order to provide water to all Mozambican districts US$23 million per year were needed, which is almost double his ministry’s budget for the sector.

Zacaraias told Mozambican news agency AIM that “the amount budgeted annually for the country’s water sector is insufficient and could affect our ability to meet the Millennium Development Objectives (MDO).”

Every year the Ministry receives a total budget of some US$10 million.

The minister was speaking to Aim during the launch of Africa Water Week organised by the African Development Bank (ADB), in partnership with the World Water Council (WWC) held in Tunis, Tunisia.

Zacarias also said that the Mozambican Government needed US$55 million to expand the water supply network in the districts of Lichinga and Cuamba in Niassa, as well as in Angoche, in Nampula, in the north of the country.

He noted that the government of Mozambique was working with the ADB in order to find the US$55 million in funding needed for the projects.

Current coverage of water supply in Mozambique is 48.5 percent in rural areas and 40 percent in urban areas.

Mozambique has 13 main hydrographical basins, of which nine are international and shared with South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. (macauhub)