Mozambique: 2008 cashew harvest may exceed 85,000 tonnes

8 April 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 8 April – Mozambique’s National Cashew Institute (Incaju) has forecast cashew production in 2008 of over 85,000 tonnes, or 10,000 tonnes more than in the 2006/2007 season.

Incaju’s director, Filomena Maiopue told Mozambican news agency AIM that the 2006/2007 harvest produced 75,000 tonnes of cashews.

Maiopue said that 2008’s harvest, which is due to end in mid April had already led to storage of 85,000 tonnes of cashews, which led to the conclusion that this year’s harvest could be up to 13 percent higher than last year.

Between 24,000 and 25,000 tonnes of cashews will be processed by the industry in Mozambique, which is currently made up of small factories, and the remainder will be exported to India or processed manually.

The rise in production, despite the cashew growing area being strongly affected in March by cyclone Jokwe, is directly linked to greater support and assistance provided to producers by the government.

The Mozambican authorities have been supporting producers in managing their trees and replanting them as well as provided free chemicals.

The cyclone that hit the Nampula area in March destroyed around 2 million cashew trees.

Maiopue noted that the trees were immediately replaced and planted in areas that had not been affected by the storm in order to take advantage of the current rainy season.

The Incaju director also said that the price of 15 meticais (US$0.60) per kilo charged by northern Mozambique’s producers in December 2007”was very good” compared with 11 and 7 meticais per kilo of most of the rest of the year. (macauhub)