Angola: Zaire province invests US$160 million in rebuilding infrastructure

9 April 2008

Mbanza Congo, Angola, 9 April – The Angolan government plans to invest US$160 million in Zaire province to rebuild the road network, aerodromes and provincial administrative facilities, Wednesday’s edition of Jornal de Angola reported.

The governor of Zaire province, Pedro Sebastião noted work on asphalting the national road linking Caxito/Nzeto/Tomboco/Mbanza Congo which will provide Access to National Road No. 100, along the Atlantic coast, which provides a quicker route to Luanda, and to Cabinda in the future.

As part of improving infrastructure in Zaire province, Sebastião announced that China’s Road and Bridge Corporation ahd been chosen to carry out work to lengthen the runway at the Mbanza Congo aerodrome from 1,800 metres to 2,000 metres.

The national director of Angola’s Roads Institute (INEA), Joaquim Sebastião said that work underway was expected to be completed within 24 months.

The work tendered out includes asphalting all the roads in the city of Mbanza Congo, construction of a Palace of Justice, the arts and vocational school, a sports complex, a municipal market and the Kuimba municipality administration building. (macauhub)