Brazil: China is priority market for agricultural exports, Ministry of Agriculture says

14 April 2008

Brasília, Brazil, 14 April – China was considered to be a priority market for Brazilian agricultural exports in a study carried out by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), published Monday in Brasilia.

MAPA aimed to set priorities and encourage a new policy of international promotion of Brazilian agricultural products.

The study was carried out based on variables including the population, GDP, and Human Development Index as well as sanitary checks and showed that after China Brazil’s priority markets are the European

The document drawn up by the three divisions of the Secretariat for International Relations by surveying 20 of the world’s main buyers of agricultural products, concluded that eight were not amongst the destinations of Brazilian agricultural exports and in another 13 countries,

Also according to MAPA, 62 percent of Brazilian exports go to the European Union, the United States, China and Russia and 91 percent of products exported were made up of soy, mean, sugar and alcohol, silviculture, coffee, fruit and juices, leather and tobacco.

“The study contributes to the Ministry of Agriculture having a policy based on criteria, not only in reaction to opportunities, so that the private sector can be guided,” Said Benedito Rosa, director of Foreign Commercial Affairs of the Ministry.

“We are not making the most of the potential or of the main markets or of the diversity of Brazilian agricultural production,” Rosa said.

He added that “the potential growth of Brazil’s economy is directly linked to agro-industry which, in its turn, relies on external demand, as internal demand is almost at its limit.” (macauhub).